Registration FAQs



What is the difference between registration and membership?

Registration is:

Students, CATC-i (interns), and Individual Registrants are considered “registered.” The State of California requires anyone who is interning and/or working at an addiction treatment facility to be "registered" to work at a state licensed/certified treatment facility. Registration indicates your intention to become CATC certified and is open to individuals who are currently enrolled in or have completed Alcohol/Drug Studies Certificate Courses in CAADE accredited college/university programs (or equivalent); CATC-i (interns); and individuals applying for equivalency who wish to become CATC certified.  

Membership is:

An opportunity to be a part of the CAADE Community for those who are not certified or registered with CAADE. A way for CAADE to provide incentives to those who are certified or registered with CAADE.  

How does CAADE Membership benefit me?

The benefits of CAADE Membership include:

  • Special member rates for exam and certification fees.
  • Special member rates for the annual CAADE Conference.


9-Hour Ethics Orienation:

Beginning March 1, 2014, prior to registering with CAADE, all individuals not enrolled in CAADE accredited Addiction Studies Programs (or equivalent) shall complete a nine-hour (9-hour) orientation course consisting of three (3) hours of ethics, three (3) hours of professional boundaries, and three (3) hours of confidentiality. (We suggest the Breining 9-Hour Basics Bundle). Students enrolled in, or who have completed, a CAADE accredited program (or equivalent), prior to registering with CAADE, shall have the nine-hour pre-registration requirement waived.  CAADE pre-registrants who are not enrolled in a CAADE accredited program (or equivalent) must take the orientation course from an approved education provider.

*The nine hours of education specified in the orientation course do not count toward fulfillment of the 36-unit CAADE accredited college program.


When do I register?

Registration is for individuals who are intent on becoming registered for the purpose of becoming certified with CAADE as a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (CATC) in compliance with Title 9, Division 4, Chapter §13035(f) of the California Code of Regulations for Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certification.  Therefore, any individual who intends on providing counseling services in a licensed or certified Alcohol and Other Drug Program (AOD) program, except for license professionals, must be registered or certified with CAADE or one of the other DHCS approved certifying organization. Once an individual registers with CAADE, registrants shall complete certification as an AOD counselor within five (5) years of the date of registration.  CAADE may allow up two years additional time for a leave of absence due to medical problem or other health problem.


Should I apply for student registration, registered intern, individual registration, or individual membership?

  • Student Registration is open to individuals currently enrolled in Alcohol/Drug Studies Certificate Courses in CAADE accredited college/university programs who have not yet taken the CATC exam.
  • Intern Registration is for those who have passed the CATC Exam and are working to complete the 2,240 required internship hours for initial certification.
  • Individual registration applies to those who are not students at a CAADE approved school or CATC-i (interns) but who wish to become certified.
  • Individual membership is available to all CATCs and persons not intending to become certified.


How do I register or renew my student, CATC-i or Individual registration?

Student registrants should mail the Student Registration Form with a copy of an unofficial transcript from your college/university, as well as payment to the CAADE office. Allow 7-10 days for processing.  You will receive your student membership card in the mail, and your status can be verified on our online database. CATC-i (interns) should complete the CATC-i application/renewal form. Individuals who are not students or CATC-i (interns) should complete the Individual Registration form.


How do I become a member or renew my individual membership?

Please mail the Individual Membership Form as well as payment to the CAADE office. Allow 7-10 days for processing. You will receive your registration/membership card in the mail, and your status can be verified on our online database.


How does our agency get an institutional/organizational membership or renew our institutional membership?

Please mail the Institutional Membership Form as well as payment to the CAADE office. Allow 4 -6 weeks for processing. Your will receive the membership cards and Institutional Membership Certificate in the mail, and the statuses of each individual member can be verified on our online database.

For more information on the CAADE Community Institutional Memberships, click here.


What qualifies as an institution or organization in order to receive the group Membership/Registration rate?

Institutional memberships are available to  Colleges, Universities, Treatment Centers, Alcohol & Other Drugs Facilities, and organizations requesting group membership/registration with CAADE.  


If I am a member, does that mean I am certified?

No, if you are a CAADE member only, you are not certified until you have completed the requirements for being a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (CATC). For more information on becoming certified, please click here.


I sent my forms and payment to become a registered member and I haven’t received my card

Please check our online database and verify your status with CAADE is correct.  If your name appears online as current, your membership has been updated and your materials have been sent to the address you provided on your application.  If you are not showing current on the certification check, or have not received your card as expected please call or email the CAADE office.


How do I replace my membership card if I lost it?

Please contact the CAADE office by phone or email and we can issue a replacement card to you.  You will be charged a $25 replacement fee.